Our Vision

Hopefully, someday, there will be no need to provide support for oppressed populations. Maybe someday, humanity will overcome intolerance and bigotry. That day, sadly, is not today.

As long as the need exists, the WGA and the PGI will strive to provide safe places for transgender people to meet and help each other. In all of our struggles, our biggest strength is us. We, as individuals, must find the strength within our selves to continue our quest for the freedom to be who we are. We, who are members of our community, must help those who struggle to build the strength needed to keep going. We do this together, by helping each other so that we all may better face the challenges that living in this world entails.

Our Mission

Member of both the WGA and the PGI take their mission very seriously. This, at its core, is to help people. Our helping is not limited to transgender people, however. We seek to help anyone who strives to live in a world of tolerance and inclusiveness.


There is something very special about an all-volunteer organization. It is a group of people coming together and giving of themselves for a common purpose. In this, we find the best part of humanity.

Oversight: Pacific Gender Institute

The WGA operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Pacific Gender Institute (PGI). The PGI manages the business concerns for the organization, including tax reporting. Oversight of other business activities is also conducted by the PGI Board of Directors.


The WGA has a long history. Many people have volunteered or particpated in our groups. We are currently working to collect information to tell our story better.