Androgynous (1984) by The Replacements

Balls (2014) by Ruth Pearce

Be Strong (2010) by Angelica Ross

Beautiful Boy (2012) by Bethel Steele

Binding of Isaac (2013) by Schmekel

Bird Gehrl (2005) by Antony and the Johnsons

Born a Girl (1998) by Manic Street Preachers

Break Free (????) by Ruby Rose

Carnival by Threes and Nines

Chasing Rainbows (2014) by Black Cracker

The Clocktower (2010) by StormMiguel Florez

Fagette (2004) by Athens Boys Choir

FUCKMYLIFE666 (2013) by Laura Jane Grace

Guy Named Joe (2006) by Joe Stevens

Homophobia by Kandace Jones

I Wanna Be a Dyke Wife (2014) by Audrey Zee Whitesides

L1fe (2007) by Joshua Klipp

Labels (2011) by Heidi Barton Stink

Lola (1970) by The Kinks

Lost Angel (2014) by Mya Byrne

Mirror Me (2013) by Shawnee Talbot

Never Surrender (2009) by Evan Greer

Objectified (2012) by Shawna Virago

The Other Side (????) by Amasha Greyson

Pinocchio (2011) by Eli Conley

The Queen (2014) by ICEISRain

The Queer Song (????) by Rosanonymous

Soda Cans (2012) by Ryan Cassata

Stand by Your Trans (????) by Elisha Lim and Rae Spoon

Still (2013) by Lucas Silveira

Tell Me A Story (2013) by Skylar Kergil

Thorn in Your Side (2004) by Namoli Brennet

Tomodachi no Uta (????) by Ataru Nakamura

Wake Me If I'm Dreaming (2012) by Rocco Katastrophe

Walk on the Wild Side (1972) by Lou Reed

Yankee Girl (????) by Dalice Malice

Young Girl (2013) by Mina Caputo

You (2014) by CN Lester

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