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Meeting Guidelines for Conduct

All meeting attendees are expected to follow these guidelines.

Confidentiality and discretion are at the heart of the support meeting: What is said here will stay here.

The only person responsible for telling others about their gender issues is that person.

Don't "out" someone you know from the meetings.

Assume best intentions.

All forms of gender identity or expression are supported here.

When checking in or participating in the discussion, please tell your own story or experiences. Don't tell others how you think they should live their lives. Beginning sentences with the personal pronoun "I" accomplishes this well.

This is a peer support meeting. We are not mental health professionals.

We are not a dating service.

We are not a religious or political organization. Discussions of religion or politics shall be limited and respectful of the feelings of others.

Respect the rules of this meeting place. Weapons and smoking are not permitted here.

Please turn off electronic and communications devices.

Disruptive persons may be asked to leave. The facilitator decides what is disruptive.

Our goals are to provide a safe place for you to be who you are and to express what you feel.